Renato Mariotti for Illinois Attorney General: A Former Prosecutor and Current JLN Reader

John Lothian

John Lothian

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A Former Prosecutor and Current JLN Reader Is The Best Choice For Illinois AG

Democratic Attorney General candidate  Renato Mariotti stopped by the John Lothian News offices in the Chicago Board of Trade Building on Tuesday, March 6 for a sit down video interview. He has been a John Lothian Newsletter reader since 2012, and he used the market and industry knowledge he gained from reading the newsletter to bolster his success as a federal prosecutor.

Mariotti is a former prosecutor in the US Attorney’s office in Illinois who is seeking election to a public office for the first time and is trying to replace Democratic insider Lisa Madigan. I endorsed Mariotti in JLN last week and this interview gave me a chance to validate even more my decision to endorse this political newcomer.

While in the US Attorney’s office in Illinois, he brought the first spoofing case and received a conviction for Michael Coscia after just 40 minutes of jury deliberation. Today, as a defense attorney, he works with industry firms and individuals who need his help defending against the legal risks present in the trading world.

No matter your political persuasion, Mariotti is someone Illinois voters should like. He is offering people a real chance for an outsider free from special interest money who is a straight talker, attributes that encouraged many people to vote for Donald Trump as President. However, make no mistake, Mariotti is a Trump opponent on a wide range of issues.

Mariotti’s inexperience as a politician is a plus in the corrupt world of Illinois politics. He is a non-politician who has never even had a conversation with key Democratic party leaders, including Michael Madigan or Rahm Emanuel. He is an outsider and a good lawyer who knows what it means to be a public servant.

The Attorney General is the attorney for the citizens of Illinois, and Mariotti brings 10 years of experience as a federal prosecutor, an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and a law degree from Yale to the role.

Mariotti is a big-time Trump opponent, standing against the President and the degradation of our laws, institutions and environment under Trump’s watch. Mariotti says he can be the kind of attorney general who truly looks out for and vigorously defends the interests of average citizens, partly because he is not a politician just trying to climb to a higher office.

He is the type of candidate I see more of around the country, people who have served the nation as prosecutors, teachers, soldiers or other former public servants who don’t like the direction they see in today’s politics and are stepping up to do something about it. Many of the these candidates are Democrats like Mariotti.

There is a good reason why people who work in the markets should support Mariotti. He has been a student of the markets for the last six years, giving him the knowledge and discretion to know when to prosecute white collar cases. We need someone who can help consumers successfully navigate the fraud accompanying the innovation in the crypto-asset space. We need someone who can tell the difference between deception and innovation.

I believe Mariotti is the type of attorney general who can best protect the citizens of Illinois and the Illinois environment and root out fraud, deceit and corruption, whether on the street or in the highest levels of government.

I endorse Renato Mariotti for the Democratic nomination for attorney general and if you are an Illinois citizen, I hope you will join me in voting for him.

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