A Blockchain Solution to Gold Settlement Issues

Amid all the talk of blockchain and its applications for the financial and trading worlds, Euroclear and ItBit have gotten together to come up with what they feel is a solution to some of the problems in the gold market, in particular the settlement of unallocated...

Addendum to the CME Gold Futures Story

The lead story in yesterday’s John Lothian Newsletter was a Reuters report that said CME Group is planning to launch a gold futures contract in Hong Kong by year end. We were a little uncertain about how this would work, since the CME does not...

Five Minutes with Marc Dulin

Marc Dulin, president and managing director of, has participated in the metals markets for more than 30 years. He spoke with JLN editor-in-chief Jim Kharouf about how metals prices are created for OTC markets as well as macro...

Five Minutes With Harriet Hunnable, CME Group

Harriet Hunnable is the managing director for metals products at CME Group. She sat down with editor/producer Nicole V. Rohr to discuss copper futures, which hit a record volume of 127,276 contracts on April 10. Hunnable also discussed the...

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