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MarketsWiki Education: A World of Opportunity is our series of talks featuring top professionals from the financial industry, who provide 10 to 12 minute presentations to students, interns and first year professionals. The goal is simple – to attract and inform the next generation of professionals to the financial market space.

The Growing Value of Data – Oliver Albers, Nasdaq

"When I started in this business, data was very, very uncool. Trust me."  Data is not uncool any longer. Consider that every minute there are more than 12 million texts sent and more than 4.3 million YouTube videos watched. It is estimated...

Discussing “InfoSec” – Mike Phillips, VSEC

"How many small or medium business can survive a $3.5 million hit? When small and medium business get hit, they typically go out of business. When the big ones get hit, know what they do? They change their names." If it is connected then it...

How to Spot Financial Fraud – John Hague

"As an auditor, if I start to look at recurring transactions and I ask the question, 'What's the economic purpose for this transaction?' and I don't get the right answer, I keep asking that question."  Before Barings Bank went belly-up, John...

Why Fundamentals are Important – Dan Basse, AgResource

“If you want to be a really good trader… understand the cash markets to the best of your ability. Crawl inside of them so you know what’s going on.”  After years of market focus shifting away from fundamental analysis, Dan Basse, president of...

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