Margie Teller Chairman of Friends For The Cure – Cirque For The Cure this Saturday

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman


As an avid reader of your newsletter, I thought this might interest many of your readers who may remember MGI – Margie Teller from the Back Month Pit in the Eurodollars at the CME. She along with her friends from the industry have been a part of Friends For The Cure raising over $2.4 million, for finding a Cure for Diabetes.

Friends for the Cure’s focus is to raise as many research dollars as possible to fund outstanding clinical and bench research happening in our own backyard, and all donations will go directly to funding University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center research.

The ninth Friends For A Cure Charity Event this year is Cirque For A Cure taking place at the Montgomery Club in Chicago, if people are looking to do something fun this weekend this is definitely the party! But even if they cannot attend and would still like to contribute there is a wonderful Silent Auction with online bidding for many wonderful items, please see attachment. For more information they can go to the Friends For The Cure Website:

Thank you for considering including this in your newsletter, Margie and I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Mary Kissane
Friends For The Cure

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