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To The Cloud and Back

"The coolest thing that is happening is these financial companies and high frequency trading companies are growing and growing to where they not only depend on our infrastructure for trading, but to run the company itself from an enterprise...

Spoofing: The Need for Regulatory Clarity

“You don’t want to get caught doing something that you thought was legal, but somehow it has wandered into the grey zone, somebody's taken a dislike to you, and then they throw the book at you three years afterwards.” In this video, Alex Lamb,...

Rethinking Risk Management

In times of ever changing catalysts, technologies and threats, how ought we to think about risk management? In this video, Alex Lamb, head of marketing and business development with The Technancial Company, and Keith Todd, executive chairman...

What’s Up With the Next Gen of Traders?

The old way to learn the trading ropes - via open outcry pits - is nearly nonexistent. So where is the next generation of traders going to come from? What is going to attract interest and enable these newbies to enter the markets? In this...

John Lothian News Sits Down With FIS

John Lothian sat down with John Omahen of FIS Global in the office of John Lothian News to discuss new initiatives at FIS and Omahen’s take on industry issues. During this discussion, Omahen comments on a new FIS margin product and even...

FIA Expo Preview with Walt Lukken

FIA Expo is October 16-18. In this video, FIA President and CEO Walt Lukken discusses what to expect from this year's gathering of more than 4,500 attendees representing 1,250 companies.    Produced by Mike Forrester   John Lothian Newsletter...

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