Gold Reached 5000 yen/gram on TOCOM; Prices of Other Commodities Also Rise

Jim Kharouf

Jim Kharouf

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Gold Reached 5000 yen/gram on TOCOM; Prices of Other Commodities Also Rise

(Tokyo, February 4, 2013) The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc, announced that its December 2013 Gold futures contract (most active/back contract month) temporarily reached 5,000 yen per gram (up 1.2% on day-to-day basis) during today’s session renewing the highest price recorded since the listing of gold futures contract at TOCOM on March 23, 1982.

 Prices of some of the other listed commodities also showed a significant increase. December 2013 Platinum futures contract (most active/back contract month) increased to 5,130 yen per gram (up 2.7%), the highest level since May 17, 2010 (33 months). Two energy contracts recorded 4 year high respectively. Crude Oil reached 64,210 yen per kiloliter (up 1.5%), highest since October 2, 2008 (52 months) and Gasoline advanced to 79,800 yen per kiloliter (up 1.8%), highest since September 8, 2008 (53 months). 

Total daily volume for February 4 was 195,408 contracts, up 37.7&% from the previous trading day.

Contract Month Last Settlement Price Open High Low Close Settlement Price
Gold (1g) December 2013 4,943 4,945 5,000* 4,938 4,996 4,996
Platinum (1g) December 2013 4,993 4,988 5,130 4,974 5,115 5,115
Crude Oil (1kl) July 2013 63,280 63,280 64,210 63,060 64,060 64,070
Gasoline (1kl) August 2013 78,370 78,400 79,800 78,210 79,360 79,380

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