Crypto Markets News from John Lothian News – May 8, 2018

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Bitcoin Sees Wall Street Warm to Trading Virtual Currency
Nathaniel Popper – WSJ
Some of the biggest names on Wall Street are warming up to Bitcoin, a virtual currency that for nearly a decade has been consigned to the unregulated fringes of the financial world.

Buffett and Gates Are the Latest Bitcoin Critics, Halting $10,000 Push
Camila Russo and Katherine Chiglinsky – Bloomberg
Surprise! Bitcoin is getting no love from two of the world’s wealthiest men.

Dancing Badgers Draw More Attention Than SEC at Ethereum Meeting
Camila Russo – Bloomberg
In the crypto world, all eyes are on a meeting today where U.S. regulators may discuss whether Ethereum is a security, but developers at the center of the network showed few signs of caring at a three-day gathering that ended this weekend, where scaling and security were the main focus.

Bitcoin to Rally on Consensus Conference, Fundstrat Analyst Says
Matthew Leising – Bloomberg
Bitcoin is relatively cheap ahead of a major cryptocurrency conference in New York next week, setting the stage for a rally, according to researchers led by Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors.

Oracle Is Rolling Out Blockchain Products
Nico Grant – Bloomberg
Oracle Corp. will unveil its blockchain software starting this month, joining the growing list of companies offering products that use the digital-ledger technology behind Bitcoin.

Blockchain May Soon Be Helping Puerto Rico Keep the Lights on
Naureen S Malik – Bloomberg
Australian blockchain firm seeks to deploy exchange on island; Goal is to stop an exodus of workers from Puerto Rico
Solar panels. Batteries. Emergency fossil fuel-fired generators. They’ve all been deployed across Puerto Rico to help get the lights back on in the months following devastating hurricanes Irma and Maria.

‘Put your money where your mouth is’: Winklevoss twin challenges bitcoin hater Bill Gates
Frank Chaparro – Business Insider
The cofounder of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges is calling out Bill Gates for his recent anti-bitcoin comments.

Bill Gates says he would short bitcoin if there was an easy way to do it
Aaron Hankin – MarketWatch
Microsoft co-founder doubles down on bitcoin take
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is the latest billionaire to pour cold water on digital currencies, saying if there was an easy way to bet against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies he would.

Blockchain ETF Asks for Patience; Founder of Reality Shares and BLCN says he is focused on blockchain technology’s future
Gerrard Cowan – WSJ
The term “blockchain” conjures up, for most, thoughts about cryptocurrencies. However, the technology has far wider implications for investors, says the founder of an exchange-traded fund that tracks the technology.

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