Crypto Crime Is a Focus of Trump’s New Task Force on Consumer Fraud

Jeff Bergstrom

Jeff Bergstrom


Crypto Crime Is a Focus of Trump’s New Task Force on Consumer Fraud
Benjamin Bain and David McLaughlin – Bloomberg
Justice Department-led group will target digital currencies; Fraud against elderly and veterans will also be priorities
In forming a new task force to protect consumers from fraud, the Trump administration made clear that one of the greatest threats to the public is just emerging: red-hot markets for crypto coins.

Accenture to lead The Institutes’ blockchain platform development
Matthew Lerner –
The Institutes RiskBlock Alliance, the insurance organization’s blockchain consortium, said that Accenture P.L.C. will lead development of RiskBlock’s production-grade platform to develop and implement blockchain uses for the industry, The Institutes said in a statement Monday.

Big Advertisers Embrace Blockchain to Root Out Digital Spending Waste; Blockchain’s secure, transparent nature has drawn interest from big consumer advertisers, who tend to be wary of digital ad agencies and tech venders
Lara O’Reilly – WSJ
Blockchain technology has made inroads in industries from logistics to health care. Now, it’s gaining traction with marketers, who see it as a potential answer to the pitfalls of online advertising.

$1.5 Billion Were Confiscated From a Unlawful Crypto Gambling Platform – Coindoo
Adriana Midrigan –
Twenty-one public security institutions based in Guangdong have arrested 540 individuals accused of creating a football gambling during the FIFA World Cup. They have violated Chinese legislation that prohibits the organization of online gambling. In such cases, both the participants and the organizers are subject to criminal liability.

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